Video..blogging...?? Huh?!

I would love to start doing video blogging on here as well, but sadly my laptop is out of commission. Until it is fixed and i can get a webcam, i don't think i'll be pulling out any awesome, amazing videos. I know, i know. It makes me sad, too. Now if anyone happens to be able to, or has a friend that can, fix a laptop with a bad motherboard for cheap or free (Free is always better!) i could get on that a lot faster. WINK, WINK. Coming up in the next week or so, the following:

-A couple 'Must Hear' selections of mine
-An interview with Bay Area-based amazing baker extraordinaire, Apey of Rad Creations.
-A reflection post on the year of 2009 called "2009: 2004 All Over Again".
-A 2009 retrospect photo blog.
-Much, much more!

Hopefully the beginning of 2010 will also bring more exclusives from me to you guys as well. For now, get into the Christmas spirit you fucking fucks!