How To Get A Girl To Ignore You

If you're that much of an idiot to not understand i'm being rude on purpose and you sound like pathetic retard...then you deserve to get put on blast. You're welcome.


hey boo boo..




whats up?


At work, obviously. Feeling crappy.



that sucks


ijust got off work..

now i get to relax hhahha


strep throat is no joke

well lucky you. sucks for those of us who need to relax and can't.


ooh damn

lol =-P

is this your first time having strep..




hows work?


its ok. i'd much rather be at home in bed though.



why not call in?


cause i need the money


that sucks booty


yeah i'll live



how long have you had strep?


since sunday i guess

thats when my throat started hurting

just went to the doctors yesterday tho


ooh i see..


did you get meds?


gotta pick them up on my way home today



what meds?


antibiotics? duh.



ok ok


everyday pills?


i dont know i haven't picked them up yet, remember?



i see

walgreen meds?



nope. kaiser


ooh cool



got plans this weekend?


my best friends bday



whats the plan?

its not so call is it?


not what?


so cal

is this the weekend you going to so cal

and vegas?



a party here


oooh ok


soCal is the 17th vegas the 24th


when is you going south?


my april is pretty booked weekend-wise.

i just said, look up.


haha that sounds dirty hahah






oh nevermind


"when is you goin south" haha


so who do i call to make an appt?



let me get you my secretary's number


or do i just get penciled in? hhah

ooh sweet

"hi i would like to make an appt" "when is her next opening?"



that sounds bad



ok i take that one back..


"when is her next availability?"







is work slow today?


it is now. it wasn't earlier


so just pencil me in in your availabily..hahha

ooh i see..

ok ok..


i either have something going on or i have arianna every weekend til at least may 22nd or something



its all good..

i understand..

just whenever your free..


told you, i'm a busy girl



its ok..

you do what you gotta do..


its all good though..

you do what you gotta do sexy lady



people actually want me around lately



cause the folks realize that to have fun and a great time please invite lauren



thats true


but see i knew that before hand..

just never got a chance too



no you didnt know that

cause im really not the life of the party

nor am i really that much fun


yup.. so im trynna catch up


im not into the night life anymore too..

i mean yeah time to time is fine...

but not all day everyday type



oh i didnt mean the night life i just meant in general


Oh ok


its ok we can be boring together



No thank you

What the hell good is that gonna do me?


well u know...



Don't mean to be a bitch, but.....actually, i do. Guys sometimes, i swear.

10 Questions With...Jason David Frank

If you're anywhere around my age, you grew up watching Power Rangers, don't even lie. Everyone had their favorite. Mine, was the Green Ranger. With all their high-flying martial arts skills it was only natural for one of them, Jason David Frank; who played Tommy Oliver the green ranger, to progress into the world of mixed martial arts fighting. Still acting, but in love with fighting, he also started Christian-based MMA clothing company Jesus Didn't Tap. He took some time away to simply play "10 Questions" with me.

CLUSTERFUCK: You've been into martial arts all your life, was it a natural progression into the MMA world?

JASON DAVID FRANK: Very easy for me

CF: What made you start the fight line Jesus Didn't Tap?

JDF: A good fight concept that meant something GOOD

CF: You definitely seem to embrace your past as a Power Ranger, whereas most like to downplay their previous endeavors. Why do you think that is?

JDF: Its who I am and who I was..

CF: What do you enjoy more, fighting or acting?

JDF: Fighting

CF: I'm sure you get "It's Morphin Time!" a lot, does it ever get annoying?

JDF: Sometimes lol

CF: Would you ever do a Power Rangers reunion?

JDF: Yes

CF: There are a lot of people trying to get into the MMA world these days, what kind of advice could you give the hopefuls?

JDF: Train train train!

CF: What's the worst injury you've endured thanks to fighting?

JDF: My distal bicep tore

CF: The green ranger was honestly always my favorite, but if you could have switched with any of the other rangers, which would you have been?

JDF: Naw I love green

CF: What's next for you?

JDF: More fights and bigger films :)

You can become of fan of him on Facebook and check out Jesus Didn't Tap for more info!

Cut. Edit. Start over.

So i was planning on having a video "10 Questions With..." for today, but then i realized that meant i had to spend time editing videos and what not. Annnnd i fell asleep last night. So that obviously didn't work out very well. So instead i'll just be putting up a video blog/compilation from the amazing weekend that went down in LA with myself and some very special people for the Rad Creations photo shoot. That should be up some time this week for sure. It was amazing and i had SO much fun. Can't wait to see the pictures and how they turned out. My friend Kelli Hayden is an amazing photographer and she did soooo good and made us all feel like real models lol. Stay tuned for that. But up next: 10 Questions With...Jason David Frank!

Rambling. I do it a lot.

-Justin Timberlake should start making music again. Not because I'm a fan of his music but because maybe it will keep him so preoccupied he'll forget about his FAIL of a clothing line, William Rast. Seriously, the new line that premiered at New York Fashion Week was as ugly as he is.

-WTF is Taylor Swift doing using Sharpie as eyeliner?? I mean, if i looked like she did without makeup i might too. But girl, learn from the cholas...Sharpies are for eyebrows!

-Does Solange Knowles think she's Erykah Badu or something? She's been looking rather 'motherland' lately, and it is not a good look. Not that much is a good look on that girl.

-I just seen a picture that i thought was A) Rihanna or B) Nicole Sherzinger pulling a Cassie with the shaved side of her head. But no, it was the singer of Tokio Hotel.

-All of a sudden Vin Diesel is fat. That's what happens i guess when The Rock starts taking over your Disney movies.

-Can Dave Navarro leak more half-naked (or hopefully FULLY naked) pictures from his bitch's iPhone please? Thanks. He gives me a chick boner.

-Why Peter Andre flipped out over Katie Price flat ironing their daughters hair is beyond me. I play with Arianna's hair all the time. Big effing deal, loser. Get over it.

-Chris Brown needs to stop wearing nerd glasses cause it makes look like...well, a nerd. And it's not cute.

-I really wish Michael Phelps wasn't such a butterface. His body amazes me. His face, also amazes me. But in a totally different, wanna-puke kind of way.

That's all. Just had to get that off of my chest. Now, watch this video. And laugh. Hard. Just like i did. Or be completely dumbfounded as to why this girl would even post this online, just like i was.

Pre-Valentine's Day with Frankie J

So, I'm postponing "10 Questions With..." until next week because next Monday I'm going to have a very special edition of it for you guys. You'll see. Just hang tight.

But in place, today I've got a special post about my Pre-Valentine's party with Mr. Frankie J. He was performing at a club called Sabor in San Jose, just about 45 minutes from me. And eeeevery time this guy has come around recently, something has prevented me from going. But i was damn determined not to miss him again! I was already out celebrating Valentine's Day with my friend Maria, we were having our monthly dinner at the lovely Benihana. Minus the hour and a half wait and them first off trying to tell us we could only order from the stupid 'valentines' menu (even though it wasn't v-day yet!), we had a good time. Our cook kept giving heart-shaped vegetables to Maria, it was great haha. We were originally supposed to go out in the City, but i switched up our plans and we headed out to San Jose to see Frankie. Best idea I've ever had.

We got there around 12:30am and as we were walking to the back, Frankie was already on stage doing one of his new songs (and my favorite!) "Finish What We Started". It was, as always, so sexy. He performed a pretty good amount of songs; including his new single "Crush" (Part of which he sang to me haha), "Obsession", "That Girl" and "Suga, Suga". He put on an amazing performance as always. He had some mic problems but, of course, didn't let that phase him. We had a great time. And after the performance i was able to chat with him for a bit. He is seriously the sweetest, most humble guy I've ever met. Always smiling, always giving out hugs, always willing to stop and talk for a few even when he's super busy. Gotta say, i still love that guy since the first time i met him when i was 16! I'm gonna find the picture from then and post it, too haha. Sooo many years ago. Got a couple good pictures from his performance, enjoy!


And a little snippet of Frankie singing "Crush" straight to yours truly =)

Now everyone go and follow him on Twitter!

Hopie Spitshard "Yummy" video premiere!

A little while back i helped out my bff Apey with a verrrry special creation for a music video for an old friend of hers. We both worked long and hard into the wee hours of delusion on that thing, and now the hard work is finally out for everyone to see! I'm so proud of Apey and her Rad Creations business and how well everything is going for her. And her being able to add this video to her resume just makes me that much more excited for her! Everyone watch and enjoy. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what the 'creation' was! This video was also directed by the same guys who directed the "Bebot" video for The Black Eyed Peas. So it's pretty sweet. (No pun intended!)

Hopie Spitshard "Yummy" Official Music Video (Directed by Patricio Ginelsa) from Kid Heroes on Vimeo.

"Why dont you just have a seat over there?"

Someone call Chris Hansen! Pedo-alert to the fullest. I mean, i love Howard Stern, don't get me wrong. But i think this conversation he had about Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift was a little...much? I mean, granted Miley Cyrus runs around like a skanky little trollop so it seems fair game. But Howard has a 17 year old daughter. I know he wouldn't want some grown ass old man talking about his daughter like that. Either way, it was still laughable and quite entertaining. My favorite was the "I bet she's got a big camel toe" part haha.

Welcome to the Crazy Train.

So I've decided to add a new segment to the blog, called "Welcome To The Crazy Train". Now, i take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit...for those who don't know the lingo.) every day to and from work. And just like any public transportation system, mine is usually full of weirdos or people doing stupid and/or random shit. And hey, i like to take pictures to document it. So i figured from now on, every time i snap a pic, i'll upload it here too instead of just to Twitter or my Facebook. And since I didn't catch anything this morning, here is a good one from yesterday:

This chick sits down across from me and my friend, and pulls out a Bud Light. I thought maybe she was just moving it so she could find something in her purse, but no. She cracked that shit open right there. Must've been a rough day!

Expect more like, and much worse, as often as i can sneak 'em!

Is it hot in here or is just you??

Just because i feel like and i can, i compiled a list of some of the men I think are insanely gorgeous. Just for the hell of it. Some of these guys i prefer more so when they're dressed up, though. But either way, take a look. Drool. Wet your panties. Whatever your pleasure.

First, Jeffrey Donovan. He plays Michael Westen on USA's Burn Notice. Probably one of my favorite shows right now. Even hotter now that is acting caught up with his good looks. Him, i prefer either dressed up or sweaty and dirty.

Next, Bradley Cooper. I DEFINITELY love this man when he's all dressed up. Preferably in a black suit a la The Hangover.

Throwing a curve ball from those first two, UFC fighter Thiago Silva. He doesn't need clothes, particularly. Shirtless and sweaty, please!

Ryan Gosling. Yes, I've been a fan of this guy since the MMC days. He just get's hotter and hotter. And those arms, are you kidding me?! This one i prefer more scruffy, no dressing up needed!

Cam Gigandet. His sex appeal is by far increased by the fact that he is always photographed out with his baby daughter, being an awesome father. Sexiest dad ever? I think so!

Lastly, Adam Rodriguez. I never really watched CSI: Miami. So when i seen this guy on Ugly Betty, i fell in love. Not only is he gorgeous, but his voice makes you melt. Deep and with that sexy New York accent...fuck America Ferrera's lucky Shrek-looking ass!

And of course, just because...Mr. Ryan Loco.

Technology hates me. I, in turn, hate it.

I honestly have the worst luck with technology. Funny, because that's what i spend most of my time on. I'm on the computer for 8 hours a day at work. I'm constantly TwitPic'ing from my phone. When my laptop was up and running, i was on that when i got home doing miscellaneous things or letting my daughter play games and such. So you would think...with all the time i put into it, technology would LOVE me! But alas, that's far from the truth.

Take my work computer, for example. It's crashed on me multiple times, had several ridiculous viruses on it, it's slow as shit and sometimes even randomly deletes stuff. You would think that this was all my fault, probably. But i swear it's not. I don't go to random porn sites. I don't click links in e-mails that i know i shouldn't. The only pages i open are Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and a couple random blogs. Unless these pages are all infested with hidden nasty Trojans that I'm not aware of...i don't know. But it's pretty ridiculous.

Then there's my laptop. I bought it from a friend, and it was great. It worked lovely. All my programs were doing fine, i had all my pictures and music on it. I did video and photo editing for days on that thing. Then one day, me and my BFF are swapping pictures from my lovely birthday weekend extravaganza in LA between computers with our memory cards and BAM! Yes, BAM! It shuts itself off. I thought "Ok, maybe it died. Even though it was fully charged." So i go and get my plug, plug that sucker in...and nothing. Took it in to the Geek Squad and they couldn't figure it out. I read online that sometimes Gateway laptops did that and there was a way to cycle them and get them back on. But no luck for me. Turns out the motherboard went down. Juuuust great. 3 days after the warranty ended, too.

My iPod Touch is also a culprit. Half of the time anything that's on the far left side of the screen will be un-clickable. And it will just randomly come back whenever it feels like it. When i had finally decided to upgrade the software so i could get apps on it, it totally fucked itself over and lost ALL my music. And since my laptop had crashed not long before that, every single piece of music i had was gone. Gone forever. Once i finally got over it and restored it, some other glitch started showing up where it wouldn't let me connect to my wifi at home. It works on my wifi at work, but not at home. What kind of bullshit is this?! Looked that up online as well, people said it needs to be restored again. FUCK. THAT. SHIT. So no wifi on the iPod at home for me. I'm done with that shit. It also likes to randomly freeze whenever it damn well pleases.

Lastly, my poor piece of shit phone. Now, this one you might be able to blame on me. My phone is sadly abused and mistreated. BUT, if it worked in the first place i wouldn't have to bash it against the wall or throw it on the floor. (I know, i know. I need anger management.) It's a Palm Centro. And this is the 3rd one I've had of this same phone because the first two both kept getting some crappy problem where it would randomly shut itself off and on. (By the way, thanks Sprint for that one time you told me you could restart my phone and save my contacts. Yet, when i picked it told me 'there was a problem' and you lost all my contacts. You fucking SUCK as well.) And now, with this one, it's slow as shit. And freezes up from time to time. For no good reason. I've updated all the firmware, even though they no longer have updates for this phone. Now my down button to scroll through shit doesn't work. It's busted. How that happened? I don't know. I tried smashing it against my desk a few times to see if that might help, or at least that's why i said i was doing it. But alas, it was no use.

So, seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! I really don't get it. I have the worst luck with technology EVER. I'm afraid of getting a new laptop, even though i plan on picking one up with my refund check. I'm sure that one will just go to shit as well. But i guess we'll just have to wait and see. Le sigh...i think i'm technologically doomed.

Some of my favorite people...and one i can't stand.

Miss 'boom-kack' herself, aka Laurie Ann Gibson (You know, Making The Band choreographer known for making girls AND boys cry...) spoke to Cherrytree Radio about her choreography in the new Lady Gaga ft Beyonce "Telephone" video. She claims people will 'lose their minds' over it. Now, we all know I love my Gaga and want to punch Beyonce in her smug face...but you just can't go wrong with Laurie Ann in the picture! I'm BEYOND excited to see this video premiere on Wednesday. It will be a glorious day. Laurie Ann, who is also working with my sexy Robin Thicke, also says you've just got to 'kick-ball change' the haters. Preach on, Ms. Gibson! I may have to adopt that phrase into my daily vocab.

Speaking of sexy bitch Robin Thicke, he was on The Late Show with David Letterman to perform his song "Shakin It 4 Daddy" with Nicki Minaj. Granted, my man's dance moves aren't the greatest...he still looks fly as FUCK up there. I'd like to see the rest of you low-rent "singers" out there move like that and still make it look good! Nicki on the other hand...i just don't know.

10 Questions With...Stephen Obar

You may know him, you may not. Either way, after this interview you'll probably love him. This young buck from the "San Fernandude Valley" is definitely something special. Just read on, damnit.

CLUSTERFUCK: If you had to pitch yourself to the world as to why they should know who you are, what would you say?

STEPHEN OBAR: I'd prefer goin with a high-definition commercial so people could see how handsome i am instead of them just being able to read my golden words of wisdom. However, I'd probably pitch myself as "the jack of all trades that knows jack shit". Or "Modern day Renaissance man, the myth, the man, the legend for no good reason". To be honest, I don't really know why anyone would wanna know me. I'm not looking for a best friend because i already have one in myself.

CF: Describe a day in the life of Stephen Obar.

SO: Not much to it. Wake up, make some coffee and breakfast, check my social networks (of course), chat with a few babes online, and then hit the gym. Come home, rinse and repeat. Sun goes down and I'll probably be found at my friend Funnyman's house eating his moms cooking and watching a movie like i own the joint. It's a rough schedule as of right now.

CF: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

SO: Five years from now i'll be somewhere around the age of 19 and i'll hopefully be doing the same shit i am today. Doin interviews, dancing, talking to people that are more important than me, and maybe even have a job. Ya never know. Don't count me out yet.

CF: What is the most noteworthy thing you've done in your life?

SO: I like to say that my life is just gettin started. I guess if i sat in front of you and told you stories about what i've been through, where, who, and when i did stuff it wouldn't be anything special. But, before you fell asleep you'd probably jot down that I beat cancer, I could beat your ass, and probably tear off a piece of the paper you were writing on and throw yur phone number on it to give to me, cuz i'm just that HOTT.

CF: You're an avid tweeter, what do you think you bring to the world of 140 characters?

SO: I wouldn't say "AVID", I've been on twitter for like 5 months now or something. I'm learning the ropes though, I'm still rough around the edges when it comes to ReTweets, and multiple mentions. Yet, I kinda look at myself as a rapper of the twitter world. I tweet shit that might not even be cool, funny, or clever, but since i'm hot at the moment my followers eat it up. I say "Gimme 140 characters and watch wut i do wit it", Kinda like Lil bow said back in the day about basketballs or some shit.

CF: You're also pretty big on working out & keeping your body in check, what advice do you have for those trying to stay in shape?

SO: Yeah, i made it a way of life. I used to be a fat kid, burger boy, burger kid, donut dude, french fry fella, etc. and i got sick of it. People don't know how good it feels to be in-shape, energized, and healthy. My advice for people trying to stay in shape or wanting to get in shape is this: Go for it, it ain't easy, you might have to sacrifice some shit you like such as eating junk, but if you take it one day at a time and just make the best choices day after day you'll be much more happy because you'll not only look better, but you'll feel better. And you can mark my words, bet me, challenge me, but I can guarantee that you'll feel better, even if you still are ugly as shit.

CF: What makes you worthy of being featured in a '10 Questions' segment? Besides me just wanting you to do one, that is.

SO: What makes anyone worthy? I feel like i can bring shit to the table. No one wants to talk about stuff that's on their mind. I'll talk about what's on my mind, your mind, all our minds all god damn day. I'll do '10 questions' every other day if people will read it and interact with me.

CF: I've seen some of your art work and you're really good; what got you into painting?

SO: Thanks, I dunno, i think it was the chicks. I started seeing all these girls painting these stupid fucking paintings and everyone complimenting them on how "artsy" they were. In my head, i was "fuck, that shit sucks bitch".

CF: Have you always been an artist or was it something you started up recently?

SO: I took art, cartooning, and painting classes in high school but i was never serious. I had this one watercolor painting featured in an art museum once, that was kinda cool. I don't know what the fuck happened to it though. I think it got stolen right out of the display cuz someone thought it was a Picasso piece or one of those other famous old dudes. But as of right now, it's tough gettin motivated and excited to paint. i get in these spurts where it's all i wanna do for a couple days in a row and that's when i'll actually get something done.

CF: Many years down the road when you're old and gray and you look back, what kind of impact do you hope you have had on the world?

SO: When i get old I just wanna be sitting on my porch with my buds, @miksmcfly, Funnyman from hollywood Undead, and all my other dipshit friends, and i just want us to be able to laugh at all the shit i DIDN'T accomplish in my lifetime. I wanna be able to say "Wow, I didn't have any money, didn't have much (or any) luck with the ladies, wasn't very educated, didn't do shit". But i wanna be able to say those things with a smile on my face. Bottom line; As long as i'm happy, you're happy, and we're havin a good time, that's all that matters to me.

Now make sure to follow him on Twitter for something to entertain your otherwise boring, drab lives. And honeyz, send him n00dz...or money for a haircut.

Amanda Bynes & Kid CuDi?!

It's not so much shocking that they might be a couple as it is shocking at how much of a god damn loser Amanda comes off on her Twitter page. There was speculation when Amanda started tweeting about a love interest that, for some strange reason, she was talking about Wheelchair Jimmy...i mean Drake. I don't care about CuDi one bit. Nor do i care who he or Amanda Bynes is dating. But when a girl my age (23) is going on and on about some guy like she's 12 on the internet for everyone to see and make fun of, i just can't help myself. Read her sad little tweets below:

Other lovesick tweets she's posted recently:

“i hope the guy im into KNOWS who he IS!!!!”
“the guy i love is the most talented person ever!!!!!!”
“He inspires me to be better! *heart* awww we should get married :) “
“i’d say his name if we’re an OFFICIAL couple and we AGREED to tell people :) “
everybody i am NOT engaged! Stop asking me please!! Lol. i’ll let you all know when it happens one day :) He’d have to be my boyfriend 1st!

Honey is dick-whipped that's for sure. But the whole 'I prefer chocolate' statement could have been left out. Thanks. I don't need any visuals of this swirl!

How low can you go?

Ex-49er (Yes, he will always just be an ex-Niner to me..) Terrell Owens and Luda were in Miami to do what they do best...check out some booty. The two hosted a booty shake-off and well, what else is there to say?

Click to Watch

Homegirl in the black might have won...but it's a booty shaking contest. The booty should be OUT!

PS: Second girl, yes you white girl, i hope alcohol was involved and you're not just THAT uncoordinated that you almost fell in the pool!

Best acceptance speech ever.

In light of the Grammy's going on this past Sunday, i was in the mood to watch past award acceptance speeches. And by far, i mean to Australia far, this is forever my favorite.

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. Ryan has got to be one of the sexiest men alive. No joke. The way he calls her over, the look in his eyes, the way he walks across the stage, how he pulls on her hair...god damn she was a lucky bitch! "It's still not over!"

10 Questions With....The Sleeping's Doug Robinson

Whether you have heard of them or not, Long Island's The Sleeping has really made a name for themselves. From being featured in video games to participating in sold-out tours across the country, they're conquering every avenue they set foot on. I was lucky enough to get lead singer Doug Robinson to take some time out and play 10 questions with me. If you don't love him yet...oh, you will.

CLUSTERFUCK: What do you like better about putting an album together, the writing or the recording?

DOUG: The recording... definitely. I mean the excitement of writing is beautiful but the true beauty lies within the recording process. You just enter a completely different world every time you head into the studio. Songs and their structures can be altered and the expansion of your mind and your abilities just grow without any thought. You come out learning an incredible amount about many different things when you leave a studio. You learn more about yourself and your limits, strong points, weaknesses, etc. You learn more about the others around you more and more each time. You grow a bond and even though we say the word "band" in context without always taking notice to the meaning, the word band means "Something that binds or ties together." That's a great thing to acknowledge when creating music with your closest friends around you. Whether it's in your garage or on a much larger scale. Not to mention how stoked you are on life once everything is complete. You hear your creations finalized for the first time and it's just an intoxicating feeling. Like no matter what happens around you... those creations are your babies and you have experienced a lot to raise them and watch them grow.

CF: Is there anyone that you would like to work with musically?

D: There's a million people I would love to work with. My favorite artist of all time is Fiona Apple and I always vision doing something with her. She is by far a huge influence on the way I write. So much angst comes from such an angel and it makes me admire her for never holding any of her thoughts or feelings back. She does whatever she wants and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks. She's the true definition of punk rock and punk rock is what I grew up on... Not just the music but the ethics behind the music. The drive and determination to make yourself become who you are without letting anyone poison you along the way. I would love to work with anyone with that mentality because people like that are always an inspiration.

CF: What do you do when you're not out on tour or
making music?

D: Well, I'm always making music and for the most part we are usually on tour,
haha. When we aren't though I just sit around and read as much as possible. I try to devour every book in sight. Also, Sal, our bassist, owns a bar on Long Island and since he's my best friend I was somehow able to catch a job as a bartender on Friday nights and now I consider myself an elite bartender, haha. I'm just glad he realized how bored I was and hooked me up because if he didn't I would literally just be sitting in front of my Xbox in my boxers. People think it's cool to be in a band and never have to work again (which it is great) but it's actually boring as fuck. I like staying productive and being as active as possible. I mean, I am sure that mentality could be different if you're rich but I'm pretty comfortable and I still hate not working. It's fun to take on other endeavors because it teaches you a little more about yourself as an individual.

CF: If you could put together the ultimate tour for yourself, what bands would you want to be a part of it?

D: I used to answer this with a list of bands I never thought I would ever get the chance to play with but now where I'm at in my life I realize that there's much more than that in the grand scheme of things. I would want to put together a tour of friends. People we have played with a million times and it never gets old. It would be a traveling fest. Let me name a few: Bayside, I Am The Avalanche, This Is Hell, Closure In Moscow, Hollywood Undead, Poison the Well, Fordirelifesake (R.I.P.), Envy On the Coast, The Fall Of Troy and many others I can't think of off of the top of my head. I wouldn't care if 10 people a night came to that show because all of those bands are some of our best friends and being with all of those dudes on a regular basis would be all I need.

CF: Is there a city you haven't played in that you really would like to one day?

D: There's a ton of places I can't wait to explore. I have no specifics really because to me every place has its gems. Even places that I have been to that are the worst places I have ever seen still have special memories stored inside of my brain and heart.

CF: Was it exciting for you to have your band featured on Guitar Hero, or was it no big thing?

D: It was definitely a great feeling. The accomplishments gained throughout this band's journey are amazing to me and I'm always thankful for cool shit like that to go down. I have only played our song on GH3 around 3 or 4 times because it's definitely a weird vibe but it's definitely something to be thankful for. It helped us get our name out a lot as well, which is always great. They also just started playing it during NHL games now. So every other day during hockey season I get about 10 texts from people who have heard "Don't Hold Back" over the loud speakers at Ranger/Devil/Red Wing/Islander games. Pretty stoked.

CF: Where would you like to see your band in the next few years?

D: I just want to see us the way we always are which is hard working and happy to be best of friends. I mean, of course I want us to be all over your television screens and your stereo speakers but I am happy for all that we have accomplished and I am even happier that I have a family who I can turn to for anything. Music is the most important thing in my life and being able to create music with my best friends is something many people don't take the time to just sit back and appreciate. Even when all is said and done, I still have brothers who I will continue to grow old with.

CF: What is your favorite way to spend your down time?

D: It used to be partying every second but honestly I've toned that down a lot. I mean I'm still the same old dude who loves to get shitty with my friends but a lot has happened in my life over the past couple of years and I have shaped into a different individual. I've realized that I have been alive for 26 years and I am now just starting to figure out who I really am inside. I love reading and I have found a new passion in writing. I mean I always love writing lyrics and whatnot but lately I have been expanding my writing horizons. I have been writing a ton of short stories and even though I can't say anything yet, I have some really exciting things coming up for me within the field of writing. I am about to step into a completely different element and I cannot wait to see what comes out of it. So in a nutshell I'd have to say my downtime involves Reading, Writing, drinking with friends then coming home to read and write some more.

CF: Besides being an amazing vocalist, do you have any other talents?

D: Ha, I appreciate the compliment... thank you. Other talents eh? Ummn, I can play the bass, I play guitar and I also play drums so I'm always busy focusing on all of that.

CF: What do you want people to take away from listening to your music?

D: I want people to take whatever they want with them. My message is for people to follow their own message and if I can comfort some broken souls along the way then I have fulfilled my dreams as a musician. I just want to help those who need it and keep creating music that I love and use as a release for myself as well as others.
Thank you for the questions. It was a great interview.

Pick up The Sleeping's album "What It Takes" and check them out on MySpace and Twitter. And make sure to catch them on tour this month with Scary Kids Scaring Kids in a town near you! I know i will.

Also, if you missed any of the past 10 Questions With... installments, make sure to check 'em out!
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New 'Alice In Wonderland' stills

A few new stills from the upcoming Alice In Wonderland remake have surfaced and yes, I'm still just as excited!

Also, i just got my Ulta sale catalog in the mail yesterday and stumbled upon these 2 beauties that i will NEED in my collection very soon!

Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Alice In Wonderland set For $52..i think it's worth it!

OPI Alice In Wonderland mini set. There is a full collection of colors, but i just want these!

What is this fuckery??

Necro aka The Sexorcist - I Wanna Fuck! this real? I mean, at first when i seen it i thought it was a spoof. But i'm thinking this guy is for real. And i'm...speechless. A gang of ugly dudes and some low rent hoes (I'm sorry, but honey you're shaking your baby ass in a low budget video for some nobodies and letting them smack/bite/grab your proud.) man...this video is sure to be up for a VMA this year, no doubt.

A couple WTF pictures for you

Lance Bass x Adam Lambert??

(I'm so confused. I think i like this.)

Harriet The Spy tries sexy. Not sure how that's workin out for her.

(It's like dick in a box...except it doesn't really work for girls.)

Is Amber Rose gonna slip into her suit or armor soon?

(Kanye looks like such a creeper.)