Welcome to the Crazy Train.

So I've decided to add a new segment to the blog, called "Welcome To The Crazy Train". Now, i take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit...for those who don't know the lingo.) every day to and from work. And just like any public transportation system, mine is usually full of weirdos or people doing stupid and/or random shit. And hey, i like to take pictures to document it. So i figured from now on, every time i snap a pic, i'll upload it here too instead of just to Twitter or my Facebook. And since I didn't catch anything this morning, here is a good one from yesterday:

This chick sits down across from me and my friend, and pulls out a Bud Light. I thought maybe she was just moving it so she could find something in her purse, but no. She cracked that shit open right there. Must've been a rough day!

Expect more like, and much worse, as often as i can sneak 'em!