Amanda Bynes & Kid CuDi?!

It's not so much shocking that they might be a couple as it is shocking at how much of a god damn loser Amanda comes off on her Twitter page. There was speculation when Amanda started tweeting about a love interest that, for some strange reason, she was talking about Wheelchair Jimmy...i mean Drake. I don't care about CuDi one bit. Nor do i care who he or Amanda Bynes is dating. But when a girl my age (23) is going on and on about some guy like she's 12 on the internet for everyone to see and make fun of, i just can't help myself. Read her sad little tweets below:

Other lovesick tweets she's posted recently:

“i hope the guy im into KNOWS who he IS!!!!”
“the guy i love is the most talented person ever!!!!!!”
“He inspires me to be better! *heart* awww we should get married :) “
“i’d say his name if we’re an OFFICIAL couple and we AGREED to tell people :) “
everybody i am NOT engaged! Stop asking me please!! Lol. i’ll let you all know when it happens one day :) He’d have to be my boyfriend 1st!

Honey is dick-whipped that's for sure. But the whole 'I prefer chocolate' statement could have been left out. Thanks. I don't need any visuals of this swirl!