Some of my favorite people...and one i can't stand.

Miss 'boom-kack' herself, aka Laurie Ann Gibson (You know, Making The Band choreographer known for making girls AND boys cry...) spoke to Cherrytree Radio about her choreography in the new Lady Gaga ft Beyonce "Telephone" video. She claims people will 'lose their minds' over it. Now, we all know I love my Gaga and want to punch Beyonce in her smug face...but you just can't go wrong with Laurie Ann in the picture! I'm BEYOND excited to see this video premiere on Wednesday. It will be a glorious day. Laurie Ann, who is also working with my sexy Robin Thicke, also says you've just got to 'kick-ball change' the haters. Preach on, Ms. Gibson! I may have to adopt that phrase into my daily vocab.

Speaking of sexy bitch Robin Thicke, he was on The Late Show with David Letterman to perform his song "Shakin It 4 Daddy" with Nicki Minaj. Granted, my man's dance moves aren't the greatest...he still looks fly as FUCK up there. I'd like to see the rest of you low-rent "singers" out there move like that and still make it look good! Nicki on the other hand...i just don't know.