Rambling. I do it a lot.

-Justin Timberlake should start making music again. Not because I'm a fan of his music but because maybe it will keep him so preoccupied he'll forget about his FAIL of a clothing line, William Rast. Seriously, the new line that premiered at New York Fashion Week was as ugly as he is.

-WTF is Taylor Swift doing using Sharpie as eyeliner?? I mean, if i looked like she did without makeup i might too. But girl, learn from the cholas...Sharpies are for eyebrows!

-Does Solange Knowles think she's Erykah Badu or something? She's been looking rather 'motherland' lately, and it is not a good look. Not that much is a good look on that girl.

-I just seen a picture that i thought was A) Rihanna or B) Nicole Sherzinger pulling a Cassie with the shaved side of her head. But no, it was the singer of Tokio Hotel.

-All of a sudden Vin Diesel is fat. That's what happens i guess when The Rock starts taking over your Disney movies.

-Can Dave Navarro leak more half-naked (or hopefully FULLY naked) pictures from his bitch's iPhone please? Thanks. He gives me a chick boner.

-Why Peter Andre flipped out over Katie Price flat ironing their daughters hair is beyond me. I play with Arianna's hair all the time. Big effing deal, loser. Get over it.

-Chris Brown needs to stop wearing nerd glasses cause it makes look like...well, a nerd. And it's not cute.

-I really wish Michael Phelps wasn't such a butterface. His body amazes me. His face, also amazes me. But in a totally different, wanna-puke kind of way.

That's all. Just had to get that off of my chest. Now, watch this video. And laugh. Hard. Just like i did. Or be completely dumbfounded as to why this girl would even post this online, just like i was.