Technology hates me. I, in turn, hate it.

I honestly have the worst luck with technology. Funny, because that's what i spend most of my time on. I'm on the computer for 8 hours a day at work. I'm constantly TwitPic'ing from my phone. When my laptop was up and running, i was on that when i got home doing miscellaneous things or letting my daughter play games and such. So you would think...with all the time i put into it, technology would LOVE me! But alas, that's far from the truth.

Take my work computer, for example. It's crashed on me multiple times, had several ridiculous viruses on it, it's slow as shit and sometimes even randomly deletes stuff. You would think that this was all my fault, probably. But i swear it's not. I don't go to random porn sites. I don't click links in e-mails that i know i shouldn't. The only pages i open are Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and a couple random blogs. Unless these pages are all infested with hidden nasty Trojans that I'm not aware of...i don't know. But it's pretty ridiculous.

Then there's my laptop. I bought it from a friend, and it was great. It worked lovely. All my programs were doing fine, i had all my pictures and music on it. I did video and photo editing for days on that thing. Then one day, me and my BFF are swapping pictures from my lovely birthday weekend extravaganza in LA between computers with our memory cards and BAM! Yes, BAM! It shuts itself off. I thought "Ok, maybe it died. Even though it was fully charged." So i go and get my plug, plug that sucker in...and nothing. Took it in to the Geek Squad and they couldn't figure it out. I read online that sometimes Gateway laptops did that and there was a way to cycle them and get them back on. But no luck for me. Turns out the motherboard went down. Juuuust great. 3 days after the warranty ended, too.

My iPod Touch is also a culprit. Half of the time anything that's on the far left side of the screen will be un-clickable. And it will just randomly come back whenever it feels like it. When i had finally decided to upgrade the software so i could get apps on it, it totally fucked itself over and lost ALL my music. And since my laptop had crashed not long before that, every single piece of music i had was gone. Gone forever. Once i finally got over it and restored it, some other glitch started showing up where it wouldn't let me connect to my wifi at home. It works on my wifi at work, but not at home. What kind of bullshit is this?! Looked that up online as well, people said it needs to be restored again. FUCK. THAT. SHIT. So no wifi on the iPod at home for me. I'm done with that shit. It also likes to randomly freeze whenever it damn well pleases.

Lastly, my poor piece of shit phone. Now, this one you might be able to blame on me. My phone is sadly abused and mistreated. BUT, if it worked in the first place i wouldn't have to bash it against the wall or throw it on the floor. (I know, i know. I need anger management.) It's a Palm Centro. And this is the 3rd one I've had of this same phone because the first two both kept getting some crappy problem where it would randomly shut itself off and on. (By the way, thanks Sprint for that one time you told me you could restart my phone and save my contacts. Yet, when i picked it told me 'there was a problem' and you lost all my contacts. You fucking SUCK as well.) And now, with this one, it's slow as shit. And freezes up from time to time. For no good reason. I've updated all the firmware, even though they no longer have updates for this phone. Now my down button to scroll through shit doesn't work. It's busted. How that happened? I don't know. I tried smashing it against my desk a few times to see if that might help, or at least that's why i said i was doing it. But alas, it was no use.

So, seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! I really don't get it. I have the worst luck with technology EVER. I'm afraid of getting a new laptop, even though i plan on picking one up with my refund check. I'm sure that one will just go to shit as well. But i guess we'll just have to wait and see. Le sigh...i think i'm technologically doomed.