10 Questions With...Jason David Frank

If you're anywhere around my age, you grew up watching Power Rangers, don't even lie. Everyone had their favorite. Mine, was the Green Ranger. With all their high-flying martial arts skills it was only natural for one of them, Jason David Frank; who played Tommy Oliver the green ranger, to progress into the world of mixed martial arts fighting. Still acting, but in love with fighting, he also started Christian-based MMA clothing company Jesus Didn't Tap. He took some time away to simply play "10 Questions" with me.

CLUSTERFUCK: You've been into martial arts all your life, was it a natural progression into the MMA world?

JASON DAVID FRANK: Very easy for me

CF: What made you start the fight line Jesus Didn't Tap?

JDF: A good fight concept that meant something GOOD

CF: You definitely seem to embrace your past as a Power Ranger, whereas most like to downplay their previous endeavors. Why do you think that is?

JDF: Its who I am and who I was..

CF: What do you enjoy more, fighting or acting?

JDF: Fighting

CF: I'm sure you get "It's Morphin Time!" a lot, does it ever get annoying?

JDF: Sometimes lol

CF: Would you ever do a Power Rangers reunion?

JDF: Yes

CF: There are a lot of people trying to get into the MMA world these days, what kind of advice could you give the hopefuls?

JDF: Train train train!

CF: What's the worst injury you've endured thanks to fighting?

JDF: My distal bicep tore

CF: The green ranger was honestly always my favorite, but if you could have switched with any of the other rangers, which would you have been?

JDF: Naw I love green

CF: What's next for you?

JDF: More fights and bigger films :)

You can become of fan of him on Facebook and check out Jesus Didn't Tap for more info!