10 Questions With...Apey of Rad Creations

You may not know who she is yet; but believe me, you WILL! A dynamic talent, this San Francisco born girl is bringing in the cash flow with some of the most amazing displays of frosting use you've ever seen. Who knew fondant could look as good as it tastes? Not afraid to tackle any challenge, she wins over anyone who comes upon her work. She's even baked pieces for several bands and companies. Can't forget an extremely RAD creation that will be featured in a music video for Hopie Spitshard's single, "Yummy" (http://hopiespitshard.com/site/). ; She's Rad Creations mastermind, and my BFF, Apey!

CLUSTERFUCK: What inspires you to do what you do?

APEY: There are so many different things that inspire me. It can range from just an idea that pops into my head, something creative that I've never done before, to the excitement for another person's idea just waiting to come to life.

CF: What are your top 3 favorite cakes you've done this year?

A: I thought this would be a fairly easy question, but it's not ... Definitely my top favorite is the "Praying for LA" cake. It was based on a design by Pride Clothing (www.showsompride.com).
My second favorite is a "Tattoo" inspired cake (DC Tattoos), which was scattered with chocolate images of the tattoos on my right sleeve. And third, I'm torn on having to choose from a cake I'm proud of because of the outcome, or something that was really fun working on. If I had to pick (FUN), it'd be a tie between a Domo cake or the Ninja Turtles. If I had to pick (PROUD-OF), it'd be the Hennessy or Graduation cake (Textbooks, Grad cap, Diploma, Pencils, etc).

CF: Do you have a least favorite item from your menu?

A: In all honesty, the least favorite cake/cupcake to make is Red Velvet. I know it's a favorite for a lot of people, but I myself just can't find the appeal of it.

CF: Is there a design or concept you would ever turn down?

A: Not really. I'm very open to all sorts of designs and concepts, given that I have plenty of time to work it out.

CF: Do you ever think about expanding your business and including other areas other than the Bay Area?

A: Currently, I do expand to other areas, via the Postal Service. Unfortunately, that's only limited to mini cupcakes.

CF: You've done a lot of work for bands, which is your favorite creation you've done for a band?

A: All of them have a "favorite" aspect, but I would say that I've made more creations for Hollywood Undead, than any other band.
Of all the Hollywood Undead creations I made, my favorite would have to be the cupcakes with their cartoon-like version of their masks. Who doesn't like cartoons?

CF: Do you plan on opening your own bakery? If so, where?

A: That is the ultimate goal and the idea would to have it based in more than one location. But first thing's first, it would be based in the Peninsula (primarily SSF).

CF: How did you get started in all of this?

A: This would be one of the few times being bored and curious resulted into something good. I've always loved finding many different ways of being artistic, but for some reason, cake decorating just happens to be the one thing I have never lost interest in, so I stuck with it.

CF: Be honest, have you ever wanted to strangle one of your customers?

A: Ideally, you're supposed to say no, but I won't lie. Yes, a few times, which most of the time they were very closed minded, and VERY indecisive. They have no idea all the work that goes into preparing what they've ordered.

CF: If you could pick anyone in any industry to collaborate (doesn't have to necessarily be in the baking industry..) with on a project, who would you choose?

A: Hmm, I'm currently in the process of scheming up a plan to collaborate with a dear friend of mine right now, but distance is the enemy. Eventually, all the details of that will be shared on my blog. But for the future, I would like to work with a non-profit organization, either helping out kids or animals in need (i.e. PETA, SPCA, or Share Our Streghth-End Child Hunger). I have a HUGE heart for kids and animals, and they don't normally have a voice or anyone to help them speak in this world.

CF: Any last words for the readers??

A: Hmmm, just spread the word, place your orders, be creative, and always have an open mind.

Check her out at http://www.ApeyisRad.com. And if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, what are you waiting for?! Start ordering! Even if you're outside of the Bay, anywhere in the country, place an order for mini cupcakes of your choosing to be shipped directly to your door. Make your life just that much sweeter. ;)