Allow me to re-introduce myself...

With the new year, comes changes. And we (or me?) over here at CLUSTERFUCK felt there was no better way to ring in the new decade but with a little face lift. Yeah, yeah ok. It's not that big of a deal. Sure. But with changes to the layout also comes the "10 Questions With..." segment! (Someone hit the fake crowd applause button, please.) I've already got a few queued up and ready to roll and the first one will come at some point today. Like i said, it will be a weekly thing so make sure to keep checking back for those. I'm pretty happy, ok EXTREMELY happy, with the ones i have so far. Of course come back for other things too cause that won't be my only posting venture. Please, enjoy yourselves. It's a new year, and hate is hella out of style. Love is the new black. Tell your friends to read, subscribe, etc etc. Get the word out there. The more readers i get, the more i can get to you.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, things you'd like to see in this blog..let me know! Email inbox is always open for you guys. it is! Hate mail can be left with your moms though cause i have no time for it. I'd raise a toast to this new beginning, but you know, drinking at work is kind of out of the question. <3