Tickle your fancy.

I'm really excited about all of the fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks/month. Late February is definitely the most anticipated. I'll be working a very special photoshoot for the lovely Rad Creations with a very special photographer who is near and dear to both of us, Kelli Hayden. It's a pretty big deal and it's gonna be a super busy weekend; but road trips to LA and driving myself insane with deadlines and time crunches are a few things I'm very fond of. Also late February brings The Sleeping back around my way. I'll never turn down a chance to see those boys live.

So for the next few weeks or so I'll be busy sketching, testing, shopping, planning....everything but resting. I also plan on using my next free weekend to roam around the City and create an awesome photo post. Who doesn't like random pictures of shit in San Francisco?! And personally, I think SF has some of the best random shit to take pictures of. Also with that will be a post on my favorite spots in the City. For you out-of-towners who need a place to hit up when you're visiting my lovely, amazing city.

I love the rain, by the way. This 'storm' that's going on right now is pretty fucking cool actually. I love storms. I just hate having to sit in wet clothes for 3 hours. I hope everyone is being safe out there, though. A lot of people are driving like fucking maniacs still, so watch yourselves! And don't blow in away in the wind...we don't want that.