Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman?

Now I'm usually the first to say "Stop blaming celebrities for your children doing bad things." For the most part it's definitely up to the parents to set boundaries and tell their children what is right and wrong and not let some person on television tell your child what to do. But then there are cases like Miley Cyrus. Having a 4-year old daughter myself who happens to enjoy her music and Hannah Montana, i have to say i don't like the bitch. She's barely 17 years old prancing around on stage like so:

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I know, i know. Plenty of pop singers do it. But this girl, she's not even 18 yet. And you know her crowd is full of young girls who really look up to her. She can't think that its ok for these girls to see her running around flipping her hair and bent over shaking her ass, can she? Obviously, she can. I can tell my daughter as much as i want that that isn't how you should act, and she'll listen. But i shouldn't even have a reason to have to tell my daughter not to look up to the young girl on tv she thinks so highly of. It might be different if Miley were an adult and she didn't grow up on television. But she did. And i know she's trying to rid herself of the whole Hannah thing, but honey, alienating your biggest fans isn't the way to go. Even my little 9 year old sister has said she doesn't like her anymore. And when she seen the video above she asked me, "Why is she dancing like that?" I couldn't answer her. I can't think of a comprehensible reason as to why a 17 year old would be bent over shaking her ass or grinding on a pole or down on her knees thrusting the floor. Someone please explain this to me.