Mia Michaels to bring the flyness back to SYTYCD

Contemporary choreographer Mia Michaels is tapped to return to Fox's So You Think You Can Dance for it's 7th season. So far it's only confirmed that she is showing up to the city auditions. No word yet as to if she will come back to choreographing this season after she opted out of season 6.

This is by far the best thing that could happen to SYTYCD, in my opinion. Mia is my favorite choreographer on the show (2nd favorite over all after Wade Robson of course.) and for her to bring the hotness back...i'm all over it! If you aren't familiar with Mia or what she's done for the show, have a look:

And just cause he's a bad ass....my 2 favorite group routines Wade choreographed:

(Not the original from Season 2, but i like this better because he performed WITH them!)