Delay of Game

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. I was busy having an awesome weekend with my BFF and a reunion with some old friends that was LONG over due! Which was followed by some gnarly food poisoning or something that kept me half-dead all day Sunday. Not fun. Especially when my dad comes down to visit and take me out to lunch and i can't even eat. =( Yes, i was pretty fuckin sad.

Also, 10 Questions With... is being rescheduled for tomorrow in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. .....Ok, that's a lie. It's because none of these fucking computers in the house want to work with me today and I'm not in the mood to deal with them. But once i get on a computer tomorrow, shit will be posted RIGHT AWAY!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and for all of us dealing with this shitty ass weather in Cali, stay dry and stay safe!