The Purple One releases song for the Purple Ones??

Prince has just recently released a new song called Purple & Gold. And you would think it would make sense, him being dubbed "The Purple One" and all. But no, it doesn't make sense. Prince wrote, recorded and released Purple & Gold for none other than the purple & gold...the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, the ones that ripped the Dallas Cowboys a new asshole. Via

Prince has released a new song about the Minnesota Vikings, inspired by a big win over the Dallas Cowboys and days ahead of the NFC Championship game in New Orleans.

“I saw the future,” said Prince.

Prince was in attendance for the Vikings 34-3 win. He said he went home night after the Cowboys game and wrote the song, "Purple and Gold," which he says came easy and fast.

Interesting. Very interesting. If you know me, you know i love my Prince. But you may also know, i am NOT a Vikings fan. (GO NINERS!) More power to them, though. To have Prince of all people backing you, who the fuck am i to talk?! You can watch a video of the song below:


PSS: Just thought i'd share; my daughter came home from school yesterday (pre-school) and told me she learned about Martin Luther King Jr. I asked her what she learned. Her response, "He just wanted everyone to get along. And he marched. Everyone marched. And then he used his big voice. That's all. He was a good man." Most. Precious. Thing. Ever!