10 Questions With...Funny Man of Hollywood Undead

His band has sold over 500,000 albums, certifying them gold earlier in 2009. He's hit the stage on multiple sold-out, headlining tours with bands like Atreyu and Senses Fail. You know him as the sexy baritone lyricist of Hollywood Undead; and he was nice enough to sit down and play 10 questions with me.

CLUSTERFUCK: I know you're an avid photographer, (and a very good one at that!) when did you start getting into photography?

FUNNY MAN: who me?!?! that was a long time ago. i don't fuck around anymore, nothing really motivates me anymore to go out and explore with a cam. but if i see something interesting, eh i might take a few days

CF: Which tour was more fun for you; Saints & Sinners, TCB or Vatos Locos?

FM: i liked all 3 of them! those last 3 were some of the best times of my life

CF: After touring almost non-stop since late last year, it seems you're finally taking some much needed real time off from the road. Are you enjoying it or itching to get back out?

FM: i'm enjoying it :)

CF: Besides photography, and music obviously, what do you like to do with your time?

FM: work out and get buff

CF: Are you finally growing back your hair or are you going to keep it short?

FM: growing it

CF: Is there anything you dislike about being in a band?

FM: nada

CF: Does it make it harder considering there are so many of you in the band, or does it make things more fun?

FM: it makes things so much fun!!!

CF: If you weren't involved with Hollywood Undead, what would you be doing?

FM: tryin to figure out what am i going to do with my life, so i feel pretty fortunate enough to be in this band, hehe:)

CF: A couple of the other guys are going in on a clothing line, do you ever plan on doing anything like that?
FM: yeeeah ima start a car wash

CF: Top music pick of 2009? (And Hollywood Undead doesn't count!)

FM: snoop dogg gangsta love feat. the dream

CF: Anything else you would like to say?

FM: SUCK IT!!!!!!!

I'll make sure to hit you up for a wash and wax in 2010, Funny!

If you haven't yet (what is wrong with you?!), go grab yourself a copy of Hollywood Undead's debut album Swan Songs. While you're at it pick up their recently released dvd/cd combo Desperate Measures and catch Funny Man and the rest of the guys in all their live glory. You might even see yours truly making an appearance.