This Is It: OUT NOW!!

If you know me, you know i am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. I loved that man to death. He is pretty much the reason i started dancing. And when he passed, i literally cried for days. You can say what you will, but i was heart broken. When they planned to release "This Is It" in theaters, i was ecstatic. But sadly, due to my busy schedule as a mother and a working slave...i wasn't able to see it in theaters. Again, i was heart broken. When they announced the release of the was like the sun coming through the clouds! With a little extra boost of Vitamin D in the form of an hour of extra footage! And today, it is a glorious day! "This Is It" was released today on dvd and BluRay.


The Michael Jackson concert rehearsal documentary This Is It is approaching the end of its theatrical run, but fans will only have to wait two months to bring the King of Pop to their home theater — the film’s DVD and Blu-ray will be released on January 26th, 2010. The bonuses on the This Is It DVD include an hour of additional footage not seen in theaters, two making-of documentaries and featurettes about the costuming, dancer auditions and memories of Jackson, Variety reports.

Best Buy has the dvd for $19.99 and the BluRay for $29.99 and a Best Buy Exclusive BluRay Version #2 which includes the Smooth Criminal the regular version doesn't have. Wal-Mart also has an exclusive Limited Edition 2-disc version you can't get anywhere else for $24.96. Regular dvd is $16.86 and BluRay $23.86. Target stores are selling the dvd for $15.99 and BluRay for $24.99. Guess no exclusives for them!

Get your copy today and experience the magic that is Michael Jackson!