10 Questions With...Lauren of Pride Clothing

A lot of people claim to represent LA, but none have taken it to the next level like Lauren and her brother Jason have with Pride Clothing. It all started with a basic concept; putting something together that YOU wanted to wear and being proud of the city you live & love. Since then the LA Pride has spread across the nation...hell, across the world. And Lauren is the badass female half of the duo that started it all. I personally love this girl, i think she's a sav. 10 Questions With... was originally started to put the spotlight on people i felt deserved some recognition; people like this woman right here. And she took some time out of her busy schedule to put in her 10 questions.

CLUSTERFUCK: Your clothing line represents so much more than just pride for your city, what do want people to think of when they see LA Pride?

LAUREN: To be honest it started out as a city thing.. everyone should have the
utmost respect for their city no matter where they're from & so on.. but
nowadays its PRIDE in all forms.. i see so many people on a day to day
basis that have no self respect no goals or aspirations to do anything in
their lives.. or a whole lot of "talkers" that arent really gettin' shit
done. if there was one think i wanted people to think of when they saw pride clothing it'd probably be to always stay proud. its YOUR life.. you choose how you wanna live it.

CF: Have you conquered sales to all 50 states? How many countries have
purchased Pride gear now?

L: YES!! we finally did... wyoming was our last one that took monthes.. such
a struggle!! & we've sold to about 30 different countries which is a good
feeling cause some of these places i've never even heard of which is
awesome! haha!

CF: Ever consider doing an SF Pride? =)

L: Of course!! this year we'll finally be bringing out more cities.. its
really important for me to make sure that i come correct for each city.. i
do a lot of research for finding the right idea for each city then it also
involves some travel and lastly finding the right artist from each city..
its a process but i think everyone will be really happy with what we have
instore for this year.. SFpride & NYpride comin' first though!

CF: You're all about females hustling and making their own money (which i definitely admire!), what advice do you give to girls out there trying to make their own way?

L: I'm all about the women hustlers out there cause its so hard for us these
days, but not cause of the reason most people think.. its not just cause
we're females in a male dominated world but there are so many bad females
out there makin' it harder for us. i'm what i like to call a new age
feminist, i'm not against men in the least.. i'm against females that
whore it around & have no self respect for themselves.. you wanna walk
around and act like a slut, you're going to get treated like one. I also
cant stand girls that live vicariously though their homeboys & other girl
friends makin' something of themselves.. you have to do something on your
own to get the respect you deserve! if there's any advice i have for girls
out there its dont take shit from anyone.. you can do anything you put
your mind to. starting your own business is very empowering & its
something that will always be yours & no one can take that from you.

CF: Is there anyone in the fashion industry that you admire?

L: Well.. i've been going to the fashion institute for years now so i've
realized i've gotten a lot of inspiration from a lot of different areas of
fashion.. when it comes to celebrity style i love michelle rodriguez, lady
gaga, & r&b singer cassies' style.. they have a very fuck the world kinda
style i dig.. when it comes to designers.. i've always loved karl
lagerfeld & if i had to pick one company i admire it'd probably be drop
dead clothing from england.. they're not my style in the least but they
always have amazing photoshoots that inspire me to push our photoshoots

CF: Is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with?

L: There's a lot of people i would love to collab with.. but i think one of
my top artists would be mike giant for the rebel 8 collabo. i really
admire what mike & joshy d. do with rebel 8, its an amazing company & i've
been a fan of mikes for way over 10 years now.

CF: What's coming up for Pride Clothing in the near future?

L: 2010 will bring... many new designs, new cities & collabos.. fitted hats..
sweatpants, socks, some home accessories like cups & pillows.. embroidered
swimsuits & jackets & also fingers crossed... cut&sew for fall2010. i dont
wanna give away too much so i'll leave you in suspense...

CF: When you and your brother started this all, did you ever think it would
blow up into what it is today?

L: Never. i just wanted to make stuff that i wanted to wear.. when we started
i didnt care if anyone wanted to wear anything.. i did it for me.. so its
cool now.. i'm forced to do it for others.. haha!

CF: What do you have to say to all the haters and copycats out there?

L: Hates a disease. get well soon bitches....
& for the copycats.. gimme a holler.. i got this thing called a seize & assist for you...

CF: Random: Favorite Family Guy moment?

L: ohhhh mannnnn thats mine & jasons fav! we repeat lines all day to the
point where people wanna slap us... i'd say i love any moment involving
bruce... "ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo"

CF: Anything else you would like to add?

L: I would just like to add that you rock for asking questions i havent answered 1000 times before!! haha!! love you xo

We love you too, Lauren! Everyone make sure you get on top of looking fly as hell and get over to Pride's website and drop some cash. You can also add Pride on MySpace and follow the Twitter. It doesn't get anymore bad ass than this right here!